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Experience gentle, pain-free root canal treatment at Lim Dental Clinic in Seremban 2. Our skilled team is dedicated to saving your natural tooth while ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure.

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What is Crown & Bridge?

A crown and bridge are dental restorations used to restore damaged or missing teeth. A crown, also known as a cap, is a custom-made covering that fits over the entire visible part of a damaged tooth to strengthen and improve its appearance. It can be made from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, or metal alloys.

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Dr. Kye Lim

Founder & Lead Dentist, Lim Dental Clinic Seremban 2

Why Choose Lim Dental Clinic For Crown & Bridge?

I strongly believe in providing exceptional dental care that exceeds your expectations. When it comes to crowns and bridges, our team at Lim Dental Clinic is dedicated to delivering the highest quality restorations. We use state-of-the-art technology and materials to create natural-looking, long-lasting solutions for your dental needs. Our personalized approach ensures that each crown and bridge is meticulously crafted to match the shape, size, and color of your surrounding teeth, enhancing the overall aesthetics and function of your smile. Our commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction, combined with our affordable pricing, make Lim Dental Clinic the ideal choice for your crown and bridge treatments. Choose us, and experience the difference our expert care can make in your oral health journey.

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What Our Patients Say

Our patients are happy with our Crown & Bridge in Seremban 2

Justin TaiJustin Tai
04:05 21 Mar 23
Cozy dental clinic with friendly staff. Dentist is super friendly and is gentle throughout the entire scaling process. Great experience overall, one of the best dental clinic & dentist in Seremban 2
Hui Jiung LeeHui Jiung Lee
03:38 29 Dec 22
Great experience with Dr. Lim.Had my wisdom tooth extraction with Dr. Lim. And it definitely worth my drive all the way from KL to Seremban 2.Doctor explains patiently for the procedures and details. Doctor tries his best to minimize the pain level of the tooth extraction.Friendly and helpful staffs.Clean and comfortable dental environment.Will definitely make my visit again to "Lim Dental Surgery". Highly recommended !!!
Lilian booLilian boo
10:39 26 Dec 22
I am so grateful I found Dr. Lim during my desperate toothache moment. He explained my conditions clearly to me and I had done my wisdom tooth removal there on spot last week. Painless and fast procedure. He’s so gentle and precisely removed my tooth! The price is so reasonable. RM 500 only. Most importantly currently I’m in a speedy recovery condition. I can eat anything I want without much restrictions. No more toothache! Strongly recommended!
chua xiao shuangchua xiao shuang
04:14 23 Dec 22
Dr Lim is an old friend of mine. Known him since medical school till today and now he has his own clinic! Had my yearly checkup from him and he has always done a good job! Plus he is always very friendly and bubbly so not to afraid if you were to visit him for a checkup or tooth extraction.The new clinic is really pretty and modern.Really recommend this dental clinic!!
Nazamuddin YusufNazamuddin Yusuf
04:02 23 Dec 22
Im so lucky that I met Dr Lim in the food court and only i get to know he is having his own clinic in uptown and no longer working in koh dental surgery garden homes.I instantly follow Dr Lim back for my annualy scaling and check up with him. The clinic look stunning and Dr is as caring as usual. Explain well everything before treatment. Dr Lim definitely deserve my recommedation.

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General Question Crown & Bridge Seremban 2

Have questions that you wish to answer? Check out what other patients ask.

At Lim Dental Clinic, we use a variety of high-quality materials for crowns and bridges, including porcelain, ceramic, metal, and porcelain-fused-to-metal, depending on the patient's preferences, needs, and the location of the restoration.

The process of getting a crown or bridge at our clinic usually takes two visits. During the first visit, the tooth is prepared, and an impression is taken. The crown or bridge is then fabricated at a dental laboratory. In the second visit, the custom restoration is fitted and cemented in place.

With proper care and maintenance, crowns and bridges can last between 10 to 15 years or longer. It is essential to practice good oral hygiene and schedule regular dental check-ups at Lim Dental Clinic to ensure the longevity of your restoration.

At Lim Dental Clinic, we specialize in natural-looking crowns and bridges that blend seamlessly with your surrounding teeth, ensuring a functional and aesthetically pleasing result.

The cost of crowns and bridges at our clinic depends on the materials used and the complexity of the case. We strive to provide affordable dental care and offer flexible payment options to accommodate our patients' needs.